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(Pocket-lint) - TP Vision, the company formed to take over Philips' TV arm, has announced a range of new flatscreen televisions badged with the Philips brand.

All dubbed Smart TVs, the range includes the active 3D PFL4508 and PFL8008 series sets, and passive 3D PFL5008, PFL6008, PFL7008 and PFL7108 series flatscreens.

All models are LED backlit and Full HD 1080p, and the PFL5008 and above each feature Philips trademark Ambilight back lighting, which changes colour and ambience depending on the action on the screen.

The PFL4508 range starts at 32-inch and goes up to 55-inch. There's integrated Wi-Fi throughout, and has a brushed aluminium frame around the screen.

The PFL5008 line-up is similar, but also has Skype video conferencing enabled, if hooked up to a USB camera.

TP Vision's PFL6008 starts at 42-inch and goes up to 60-inch. Each of the sets in the range feature stereo Ambilight - shooting out from the sides. And they have dual-core processors inside to handle picture performance and the Smart TV functionality.

tp vision announces huge range of new philips tvs image 5

The PFL7008 and PFL7108 sets are identical save for design changes. The former comes with a bezeless front glass panel sitting in a thin rim made of black, brushed aluminium with a silver-coloured strip below the screen. The 7108 comes with a white lower detail, stand and rear cover. An integrated Skype camera sits below the screen on both.

There's three-way Ambilight on the 7000 series Smart TVs, and they are available from 42-inch to 55-inch screen sizes.

Finally, the flagship PFL8008 series also has three-way Ambilight and a dual-core processor. There's also the integrated Skype camera. However, the finish of the 8008 is in dark steel.

The series comes in 40-, 46- and 55-inch screen sizes.

All TP Vision Philips sets will be released throughout 2013. We don't yet have a definitely date for release, but will let you know when they are due to arrive.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.