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(Pocket-lint) - Philips has launched the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100, which uniquely offers detachable speakers so you can convert it from virtual surround to 5.1 surround sound.

This is also the first soundbar that Philips has launched under its Fidelio premium audio brand. Not only does it exhibit the sort of eye-catching design we've come to expect from Fidelio products, but we'd imagine excellent quality audio too.

The system is wireless, with a wireless subwoofer, using a proprietary wireless technology, so the uncompressed audio signal won't conflict with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices you might also have in the room.

The detachable speakers have internal batteries that are said to offer 10 hours of listening, so in reality, you'll detach them from their central soundbar home when you want the best experience for movie night. 

philips fidelio soundbar offers detachable speakers for proper 5 1 surround sound image 2

The switch from virtual to 5.1 surround sound is entirely automatic, so there's no changing settings or anything else. 

To help set-up your Philips Fidelio Soundbar there is an orientation sensor on board that knows how you've positioned the device and adjusts the sound accordingly. 

There are two HDMI ports available, as well as Bluetooth so you can stream from your smartphone, meaning the only wires are the power cable and HDMI lead into your TV.

The Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 will be available from May 2013, for a price of $799.99. No word on UK pricing as yet.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.