Philips has confirmed to Pocket-lint that Philips Smart TV owners will soon be able to rent movies from the YouTube Movie Rental store when it launches on its TVs in the UK later this year.

Philips Smart TV will be among the first TV platforms to offer access to YouTube’s movie rental service, we've been told. 

However, the company had little detail on the service announced at IFA, Europe's largest consumer electronic show in Berlin, Germany. 

YouTube is also is a little vague on when it will be launching and what features we'll be getting:

"It will be launching in the US / Canada first and then in select countries in Europe but we don't have specifics to share at this point," YouTube told Pocket-lint when we asked for more detail on the service. "The roll-out will enable the rentals feature to become widely available to television devices, including Philips."

Philips has confirmed that the new feature won't be exclusive to it, but expects Philips Smart TV users to be among the first to get the new feature when it does launch. 

The YouTube Movie Rental service went live in the UK earlier this year and offers a number of films for rent. Film fans in the UK can rent new releases for £3.49 and older titles for between £2.49 and £3.49 , although the catalogue isn't a patch on services such as Lovefilm, Netflix or Sky Now.

Viewers will be given a 30-day window in which to watch their film on YouTube, and 48 hours once they have started viewing it.

We will keep you posted.