Philips has launched its DesignLine, a new range of LED TVs, which may appeal to the style-conscious amongst you as "the range embodies the philosophy that home entertainment devices should integrate into the living environment rather than impose upon it".

Pocket-lint is holding back the tears, struck by the beauty of that sentiment; however, it's IFA, and we haven't got time for such emotional nonsense - on with the specs.

Philips is making a big deal over its use of glass in its TVs, which in both the Edge and Tilt help give "the illusion it is floating" - apparently.

The DesignLine’s Edge LED TV is designed for a low table in the living room and leans back at 6 degrees. Although the TVs stance sounds very modern, the fact that it needs to be placed on a low table does rather ostracise those of us stuck with stuffy old-fashioned high ones.

Features include Philips’ Ambilight on two sides of the TV and Easy 3D enables an "immersive" viewing experience thanks to flicker-free, low ghosting performance. This is made possible by the Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) which is a film fully integrated into the TV screen. The compatible 3D glasses are lightweight and require no batteries.

Onto the DesignLine Tilt TV; this available in 22-inch and 26-inch sizes, so likely to be one for the kitchen or bedroom. It features a "floating glass screen" (we're pretty sure it doesn't actually float) with a black or white frame. 

Not content with the mere 6-degree tilt of the DesignLine Edge, the Tilt really lives up to its name with a whopping 10-degree tilt action. Clever cable routing solutions ensure that wires remain out of sight wherever you choose to place the TV. HD Ready with a Digital Crystal Clear processor that digitally adjusts and optimises picture quality to best contrast, colour and sharpness levels delivering decent pictures from most sources.

There's also a matching SoundHub home theater for the DesignLine Edge TV. The speakers feature the same reclining stance as the Edge TV and exposed titanium tweeters - all very stylish.

The tweeters are highly rigid and light to help with undistorted sound, giving a good clarity of all sound details. Featuring Full HD 3D Blu-ray, built-in WiFi, Video on Demand services from Smart TV and built-in dock for iPod/iPhone, the SoundHub home theater gives you access to a wide variety of music or movies without the need for additional cables. Both TV and home theater system can be operated with one remote control.

The DesignLine Edge, 22-inch black models and the SoundHub home theater will go on sale in Europe from summer 2011. Both sizes and colour options of the DesignLine Tilt will be available from September 2011. Both models, we believe, will be sold at John Lewis.