Pioneers in the 21:9 market, Philips has also announced an agglomeration of TVs in the, more socially acceptable, 16:9 aspect ratio that it will hope to adorn your living room with.

Top of the bill is the improved 9000 series, which falls under the Philips "3D Max" range (which means active compared to the "Easy" passive 3D mode), and offers "the fastest response time on the market" with the "the blackest blacks" and the "brightest whites".

The 9000 LCD series also improves on its predecessors by adding a 2 billion pixel per second processing engine and a 400Hz (on models above 32-inches) refresh rate.

The daddy range also packs in (on 40-inch+ models) the latest Ambilight Spectra XL, which uses a double row of coloured LEDs to create background lighting to get you in the mood.

The Full HD 3D range has Wi-Fi connectivity and, as such, the full Philips' Smart TV package (including SimplyShare so you can use the TV as a big PC monitor), a 40W RMS soundstage for producing "sound with more dynamism and power", and "3D Super Resolution resulting in ideal picture enhancement for sources of any quality".

As with the new 21:9 Gold, the 9000 series also throws in 3D multi-screen gaming within two player modes, as well as 2D to 3D conversion.

On a smaller budget the revamped 8000 (3D Max) and 7000 (Easy 3D) series will also offer a lot of these features (including the Philips' Perfect Pixel engine and Smart TV aspects), albeit on a reduced Hz scale.

No pricing has yet been confirmed for Philips' new TV ranges but, as always, stay tuned for updates - we'll let you know as soon as we do.