You didn't think that Philips would hold a big media event unravelling its top kit for 2011 and not wheel out a brand spanking new 21:9 TV did you?

Hell no, the cinema aspect TV kings are back with a new super wide-screen offering - the Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold - which should be a more budget-friendly option than it has ever brought to market before. Well, as budget friendly as a TV with an aspect ratio which is really only fit for Hollywood blockbusters can be.

The 50-inch monster (down from its usual 58-inches) also brings in passive 3D technology, or Easy 3D as Philips is calling it (sadly active 3D isn't labelled "Difficult 3D"), to fit in with its more consumer orientated ambitions.

Like its predecessors, which still evoke regular "ooohs" and "aaahs" from first time viewers, the Gold labels its strengths in terms of movie watching. It's designed with big-screen ambitions, and isn't shy in declaring its love for all things cinema - but it also has tech on board to make everyday TV watching possible, and preventing the set from becoming a movie-based white elephant.

For normal 16:9 viewings it has a resizing option so that you can watch little screen action without any visible distortion.

Plus, for the first time, Philips is also offering 2D to 3D conversions, so you can not only trick your TV into showing 16:9 in 21:9, you can also add a dimension. The prospect of a massively distorted 3D Deirdre Barlow is scary as hell, we know, but Philips promises that it won't be an issue.

The Gold 21:9, which is a 100Hz LED backlit TV, also has Philips' Smart TV on board, which means web apps, social media, streaming, and the rest of the usual internet-TV connected gubbins.

It also boasts Philips' Pixel Precise HD processing tech, Ambilight Spectra 2 features, multiview, HD Natural Motion, USB recording and full screen gaming for two people.

What this means is that when you activate the 3D and put on your 3D specs, you and your buddy simultaneously see your individual gameplay areas on the entire TV screen, which sure makes split screen SNES Mario Kart seem a little bit prehistoric.

We've no news on pricing or availability as of yet, but keep checking back for updates. Pocket-lint will also be going hands on with the new 21:9 set soon, so look out for that.