Philips has released a free application for iOS devices that works as a universal remote control for its Wi-Fi enabled TVs.

The Philips WiFi TV Remote app can hook up to the company's NetTV compatible sets, including the company's 2009 released 8000 and 9000 range, and the 7000, 8000 and 9000 models from 2010. It then allows an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to directly control the specific TV, offering basic functions such as volume control, changing channels or turning the TV on/off, alongside advanced control of NetTV itself.

A typepad gives easier access to the web functionality with its QWERTY keyboard, rather than mobile phone style text input, while a virtual touchpad can whip the hand icons around the screen more effectively on browsing.

The application also forms a direct connection between an iOS device and a Philips TV, so pictures on the handset/tablet can be viewed on the screen wirelessly.

Available on the App Store for zip, nada, nothing, completely free, the Philips WiFi TV Remote has been built using the open source jointSPACE environment.

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