Philips has launched a new dual screen portable Blu-ray player for those looking for HD movies in the back of their car.

The Philips Dual-Screen Portable Blu-ray/DVD player (PB9011) will cost $349 when it launches in April.

For your cash, you’ll get two 9-inch 16:9 widescreens, 1080p playback and the ability to output to a TV via HDMI when you're not in the car.

When you aren’t playing Blu-ray movies, you can play DVD, DivX, MP4, H.264, FLV, MOV, WMV files as well as play music and video from a USB.

Philips says that you’ll get around 5 hours playback from one screen and up to 3 hours of play back with rechargeable battery when you’re entertaining people via both screens.

The two screens are connected via a long cable that can be easily hidden says the company.