We should all face up to the fact that the manufacturing of pretty much all gadgets is going to have an impact on the environment - a negative impact at that.

However, the majority of us just can't help but love a piece of high-tech gadgetry; so when Philips sent through its details of its new Econova LCD backlit television, it gives us the hope that we all might be able to have our cake and eat it.

The Philips Econovo TV is being described - by Philips - as "Europe's greenest TV".

As the blurb states: "Philips has managed to create a 42-inch LED LCD set which achieves minimal impact on the environment while making no compromise on performance, design, materials and build quality".

The Econovo TV aims to address such issues as recyclability, material usage in production and packaging, as well as use of hazardous substances. Power consumption has also been a focus.

"The set is PVC and Brominated Flame Retardants free, and moreover, is designed for easy recycling. Its packaging contains no polystyrene buffers or plastic bags, making it all 100 per cent recyclable".

The TV will also come with a solar-powered remote.
Hats off to Philips then for making the effort, although to our mind the words green and television are somewhat mutually exclusive.

The Philips 42PFL6805H Econova LED LCD TV will be launched in the UK in November with an estimated selling price of £1199.