Philips has told Pocket-lint that it is looking into adopting colour backlit LED technology in its televisions.

At a deep-dive television session on the company's stand at IFA 2010 (where do the marketing people get these terms) Danny Tack, the company's director and technical marketing manager for televisions said that the technology could be introduced as soon as next year.

When asked if 2011 would see the technology announced, he responded "Maybe" with a big smile.

"It would make a better picture, but it is very expensive", confirmed Tack before going on to say, "There is a payoff between a better viewing experience and affordability".

It's that payoff that has made many TV manufacturers, including Sharp and Sony, avoid the idea of having red, green, and blue LED lights to light up your television screen rather than simply white ones as with current technology.

Experts agree that the adoption of the technology would be very beneficial to overall picture quality, as you don't have to worry about how to turn a white light into a colour one before you see the picture from your sofa. "Maybe", just "maybe", Philips has worked a way of making it happen without breaking the bank.