It's all well and good carrying around the latest films on some kind of whizzy PMP, but what happens when you want to share the love with a group of friends? Well, it looks as though we may have the answer as Sagemcom has just announced a new range of pico projectors on behalf of Philips, called the Philips PicoPix.

Yes, those days huddling around a tiny screen could be at an end, as the range consists of three devices consisting of the PicoPix 1020, 1230 and 1430.

All three projectors get a high-quality image (ranging from 20 to 30 lumens depending on the model), with a resolution of 800 x 600 and a contrast of 400:1. You'll be able to connect them to a variety of different hardware, including computers, cameras and smartphones - or if you don't have any of those the PicoPix 1430 has an SD card slot enabling you to play any saved content.

LED bulbs are used on all the devices, giving around 20,000 hours life, and whilst you'll only get the option to power the Pico 1020 through USB the 1230 and 1430 get an integrated battery, which should give around 2.5 hours play off a charge - so not too bad.

All three projectors in the PicoPix range should be available come October 2010, and will be priced at 199 euros for the 1020, 269 euros for the 1230 and 299 euros for the PicoPix 1430.