Philips has announced the launch of a full range of 3D HD TVs which will include a 3D version of the Cinema 21:9 TV.

A proof of concept model was shown off at IFA in 2009, but now it seems that this product will be making it to the shop floor late summer 2010. Along with sets in the Philips 9000 and 8000 range, the 3D technology of choice will be active shutter glasses with the sets flashing complete alternate images for each eye thus providing a true HD 3D experience.

Since these TVs will be 3D Ready, they will require the purchase of an additional upgrade pack which will consist of two sets of active LCD shutter glasses and a wireless transmitter. It's not clear, as yet, how much this will be.

The 3D Ready models will be the Cinema 21:9, the 9000 series in 32-, 40- and 46-inch sizes and the 8000 series in 37-, 40-, 46- and 52-inch panels. Again, summertime appears to be the launch, but we'll have prices and dates for them as they come in.