Panasonic has announced its version of how full HD 3DTV viewing should be done, as demoed on the company's 103-inch mega-plasma in the press conference at IFA 2009 today.

Unlike Sony's 3D Bravia LCD solution, Panasonic believes that a far better quality experience can be achieved through PDP plasma technology, which is touted to offer a less blurry image and a far crisper feel. The system will be 3D through Blu-ray and the set will transmit a true, 1080p image on two channels - one to each eye - thus ensuring a full HD 3D result when it's put together in the viewer's brain.

Although, neither the film industry nor the broadcasters have as yet decided on the standard of 3D which the tech companies are to support, Panasonic has claimed that it has been working closely with Hollywood to lead the way in consumer 3D and even got Avatar's producer, Jon Landau, up on stage to prove.

No official 3D products were announced but the company is showing clear intent.