We had already passed on the news that Panasonic are bringing their range of Blu-ray recorders to the UK.

Coming with a range of HDD sizes, the Freesat+ recorders will allow customers to record HD content from their satellite TV, rivalling the Sky+ HD service, whilst also offering an archive to Blu-ray option, meaning you can burn 50GB to one disc.

The twin Freesat tuners will allow you to record two channels whilst watching a Blu-ray disc or watch a recording from the HDD.

The 500GB HDD will give you 77 hours of HD recording in direct digital bitstream recording (DR, 14Mbps), but with a range of recording modes, you'll be able to H.264 encode the content giving you up to 240 hours in HL (4Mbps) mode.

Coming with an SD card slot and USB connections, the recorders will also allow Panasonic camcorder users the option of saving their AVCHD files to the hard drive. Similarly you'll be able to store music (with Gracenote support) and images from your digital camera.

The new recorders will also give you the Viera Cast service and updates via the Ethernet connection.

All this high-definition love doesn't come cheap however, with the DMR-BS850 featuring a 500GB hard drive setting you back a whopping £999. The DMR-750, with similar spec to the DMR-BS850, but with a 250GB hard drive will cost you £899.

For those who want to record HD from Freesat but only want a DVD writer (which will not allow HD archiving) can opt for the DMR-XS350, featuring a 250GB hard drive, and will set you back £699.

The new player/recorders will be available on 20 June.