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(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic has announced a whole host of home cinema systems, that each offer different functionality to suit.

The SC-ZT1 is a wireless home cinema system that, while only featuring two ultra slim pole speakers, promises the ambience of a 7.1 channel system.

With no wires needed you can put the speakers where you want, and because the four 24mm tweeters are vertically aligned, sound is emitted parallel to the floor, avoiding reflections for a clearer sound.

However, the woofers incorporated into the speaker stands work oppositely, featuring a "Down-Fire Structure" that uses the floor as an acoustical reflector for more dynamic bass.

The SC-ZT1 can also send images over a wireless connection, by adding a slim 1-inch flat-panel Viera plasma TV and new Blu-ray player (DMP-BD80/BD60) to the system.

Panasonic has also launched six new DVD home cinema systems, four of which (SC-PT870, SC-PT570, SC-PT475 and SC-PT470) inherit the Bamboo Cone speaker that was so popular in previous models.

The remaining SC-PT870 and SC-PT570 models feature the added bonus of the dual-chamber Kelton subwoofer for a total 1000-watt output.

The SC-PT870, SC-PT570, SC-PT475 and SC-PT470 feature a built-in universal dock for iPod meaning users can play any music, movies or photos stored on the iPod, on their TV screen, while all six models boast Panasonic’s Viera Link function for controlling interconnected AV devices using any Viera flat-panel TV remote.

All models also boast a reduction of energy consumption by around 20% compared to last year's models, while also reducing the number of parts to allow for a smaller design.

Finally, Panasonic announced three new Blu-ray home cinema systems, the SC-BTX70, the SC-BT205 and the SC-BT200.

All three models boast Panasonic’s image-enhancing "PHL Chroma Processor Plus" and "High Precision 4:4:4" technologies which will apparently lift Blu-ray playback to the original cinema quality.

Networking features also abound on these home cinema systems. By connecting any of the Blu-ray players to the Internet, "Viera Cast" lets the users view web content on sites such as YouTube and Picasa through their TV. Additionally BD-Live also allows Blu-ray disc bonus content to be downloaded and internet games to be played.

With integrated universal iPod docks on all models, photos, movies and music can be shared via the Blu-ray players, while the SC-BTX70 features an SD card slot and USB port for viewing photos and videos taken on a digital camera or camcorder.

The SC-BT205 and the SC-BT200 models on the other hand come with the Bamboo Cone speakers and Kelton subwoofers to boost sound and bass.

No pricing or availability information has been released about any of the ten models as yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Writing by Verity Burns. Originally published on 25 February 2009.