Panasonic today confirmed that it will expand its line of Viera series plasma TVs at the Panasonic Convention 2009, in Amsterdam.

Panasonic claims to have improved motion image performance, contrast and colour reproduction thanks to the adoption of NeoPDP technology. The Z1 series, V10 series, G15 and G10 series adopt Panasonic's 600Hz Sub-field Drive Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, which helps achieve 1080 line motion picture resolution.

The new sets can also claim a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 thanks to the increased brightness achieved by NeoPDP, also boosted by refinements to Panasonic's Real Black Drive System.

In addition, Viera will incorporate its unique "Viera Cast" service for the first time in Europe when it introduces the Z1 series, the V10 series and the G15 series. Thanks to an Ethernet connection, the Viera Cast feature will allow you to access selected content online, such as connecting to Eurosport, YouTube and Picasa.

DLNA connection is also possible with these three series. Digital data such as DivX movies and photos saved onto a PC can be played on Viera through a home network. As with other Viera models you’ll be able to insert an SD card to view content too.

The top of the line is the Z1 Series, with a slim, fully flat, one-inch design and featuring Full-HD wireless transmission. The Z1 plasma series will be available as 46-inch (TX-P46Z1) and 54-inch (TX-P54Z1) models.

The V10 series sits alongside the Z1 series as a high-end model. The V10 plasma series will be available in two sizes: 42-inch (TX-P42V10) and 50-inch (TX-P50V10).

The G15 series gives you a narrow bezel and slim design. The G15 plasma series will be available in two sizes: 42-inch (TX-P42G15) and 46-inch (TX-P46G15).

The G10 series includes core Viera technologies, but loses you the Viera Cast feature. Three plasma models will be available: 42-inch (TX-P42G10), 46-inch (TX-P46G10), and 50-inch (TX-P50G10).

Prices and dates are to be confirmed. We will keep you posted.