Panasonic has announced it has developed new thin-profile display panel technologies for both plasma and LCD HDTVs, that it says achieves "further advancements in picture quality and environmental performance".

Panasonic has put the newly developed "NeoPDP" technology in two types of PDPs. The first is described as a super high-efficiency 42-inch PDP that gives triple luminance efficiency, while reducing the power consumption to 1/3 of the 2007 models and achieving the same brightness.

The second is a thin 50-inch PDP 8.8mm in profile that delivers what Pansonic says is "the world's highest moving picture resolution" of 1080 lines.

The "NeoLCD" technology is integrated into an energy-efficient 90kWh per year 37-inch LCD panel, that achieves moving picture resolution of 1000 lines.

These prototypes will be featured at CES this week.