Panasonic has announced it is set to roll out its 300 millionth TV set on 7 October 2008, which, rather neatly, marks the 56th year since the company began producing them in 1952.

With the claim to be the world's first TV manufacturer to reach this level of production, its last milestone was back in 1998, when Panny-made television sets reached the 200 million mark.

With a little misty-eyed look back into its past, Panasonic says it began producing black-and-white TVs in November 1952, and in 1960, became the first manufacturer of colour TVs in Japan.

The company's current product range, the "VIERA" branded flat-panel digital TVs were first released in Japan in 2003.

For the future, the company promises ultra-large screens and super-thin display panels, as well as more environmentally friendly options.