Panasonic has launched two new Blu-ray players at IFA, the DMP-BD55 and DMP-BD35, and boasts that the DMP-BD35 offers a world's est, in this case the "slimmest height" of 49mm.

The devices launch with the claim from Panasonic that the incorporated PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus video processor creates colour faithful the the original and was developed after more than 15 years of collaboration between Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory and professional cinema studios in Hollywood.

The players are BD Live compatible and offer an SD card slot. Thanks to an HD Audio Decoder the models offer support for 7.1-channel surround sound, and the skinny dimensions are made possible in part thanks to the UniPhier chip, a Panasonic-created system LSI developed by applying 45-nanometer processing to a consumer product, apparently for the first time in the world.