Panasonic has said that its latest range of Plasma televisions will last longer than the average working life in a bold claim we won't be able to tell you is true any time soon.

According to the television maker, its 2008 line of 1080p VIERA Plasma HDTVs is rated to last 100,000 hours before reaching half its original brightness meaning that based on the average viewing time of 6.5 hours a day you'll get over 42 years of watching before it gives up the ghost.

Panasonic is hoping the new independent stats will make people realise that the technology lasts a lot longer than previously thought, although chances are we probably all be viewing television in a holodeck by then.

In addition to its 1080p line of VIERA Plasma HDTVs, Panasonic's current line of two 720p VIERA Plasma HDTVs is rated to last 60,000 hours to half brightness or 25 years at 6.5 hours per day the company says.

Come back in 2050 and we will let you know whether Panasonic's claims were true.