The spec was only announced last week, but that hasn't stopped Panasonic announcing the first wireless High Definition (HD) Audio/Video transmission system based on the “WirelessHD” standard at CES in Las Vegas.

WirelessHD or "WiHD" is a wireless high definition digital interface standard operating in the unlicensed and globally available 60GHz frequency band and will be the first consumer application of 60GHz technology.

It is suitable for a wide range of devices including televisions, HD disc players, set-top boxes, camcorders, gaming consoles, adapter products, as well as other devices and designed to allow you to put your AV equipment in a cupboard out of sight while your television sits on the wall cable free.

The WirelessHD group is currently made up of Intel, LG, Matsushita (Panasonic), NEC, Samsung, SiBEAM, Sony and Toshiba. It faces competion from other wireless technologies, such as UWB, but has the biggest industry backers.

We will keep you posted.