Panasonic has launched the PT-AX200 LCD home cinema projector featuring Game Mode, which lets video game players experience all the action of their favorite games in "real life" size on a large screen.

The Game Mode optimises the signal processing to the specific properties of game content coming from high definition game consoles and multimedia computers, and reduces response time from 15ms to 5ms.

Panasonic claims the game mode also enhances gradation in saturated areas to express more details. It dynamically analyses the signal for content differentiations which are beyond the bandwidth of the dynamic range of video or TV specifications.

The PT-AX200 also incorporates Panasonic’s new Light Harmonizer 2 — a technology that senses ambient light levels and adjusts the picture accordingly for what the company claims are bright, easy-to-see images in all lighting conditions.

To achieve this bright-room viewability, Panasonic has equipped the PT-AX200 with a redesigned optical unit that delivers 2000-lumen brightness.

The PT-AX200 also offers Panasonic's Advanced Dynamic Sharpness Control that reduces noise amplification and Pure Colour Filter.

Finally, the projector features a 2x optical zoom lens and lens shift function that claims to greatly improves installation ease and flexibility.

The Panasonic PT-AX200 is available now across Europe priced at €1499.