The DMR-EH770 DVD recorder is being released to European markets, and as such, Panasonic was keen to show it off at IFA 2007.

Panasonic states "the DMR-EH770 makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of digital content in your living room with a single component".

It allows you to watch up-converted DVDs, playback JPEG and MP3 files through the USB terminal and rip CDs in linear PCM onto its 400GB hard disk drive.

Music and photos from the USB terminal can be saved onto a CD, or DVD-RAM respectively. Images can be displayed on the TV screen, as can music titles.

The device has an HDMI terminal which means it can be connected to a VIERA link system, it uses i/p conversion and up-conversion technologies to upscale DVD and TV pictures to 1080p image quality.

Sound is looked after by a 192kHz 24-bit DAC audio system and the unit has a special damper and fan to reduce operating noise to 30dBA.

The 400GB HDD will allow for around 710 hours of TV recording and offers one touch operation with a graphic interface.

Recording is done straight to the hard disk drive, but then DVDs can be burnt straight after at 75x high-speed copying so should not prove to be too much of a drama.

No pricing or availability announced as yet.