Panasonic launched a new 2.1 home cinema system at IFA 2007 - the SC-PTX5.

Described by the firm as a set-up that delivers high-quality sound which is ideal for music listening, the two compact front speakers are packed with technology.

PP Mica is used for the diaphram in each speaker's 8-cm long-stroke woofers that are mounted to a special foamed rubber edge which apparently greatly reduces distortion.

Each speaker also boasts a "Double Motion Damper" as well as a soft dome tweeter that claims to fill a large area with low-distortion sounds across a high-frequency range.

The main unit of the system has electrolytic capacitors for better acoustic quality and a "Feed-Forward Error Correction Circuit" that automatically converts CD music files to PWM for a better analogue signal output.

This should mean that playing a CD on the system will let you hear the finer nuances of the sound, such as subtle instrumental sounds or "breathing effects".

Movie-wise the system offers Dolby Virtual Speakers which means the two speakers will create a realistic surround effect and the DVD player offers 1080p up-conversion promising an HD-quality picture from ordinary DVDs.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed.