Panasonic’s high-end home cinema projector, the PT-AE1000E will soon be available in the UK, after originally eing previewed at the beginning of November.

The company's first LCD home cinema project supports 1080p and promises a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Panasonic claims that it boasts the highest contrast ratio, at 11,000:1, in its class; it also put out a brightness of 1,100 lumens, although images will have to be viewed in a very dark room in order to be seen to their full potential.

Panasonic has incorporated an aspherical glass lens system to ensure that high-def images are crisp and vivid; the device also includes C2Fine LCD panels and Dynamic Iris technology.

A Pure Colour Filter uses optical adjustment to achieve a “higher purity level” of the three primary colours, while a new filter reproduces accurately subtle variations.

Other professional technologies added to the device include a waveform monitor to measure the level of brightness output from a video signal source, and Ciema Colour Management to colour correct.

The 2x zoom and lens shift range ensure that a 100-inch diagonal image can be projected from as little as 1.24 meters.

Look out for the projector in select retail outlets this month for around £3,500