First it was Samsung with a 102inch plasma television announced at CeBIT in Germany last year, but now both Panasonic and LG want a piece of the large TV pie. Both companies are boasting the world's largest HD plasma screen.

LG's offering, that comes in at 102 inches, offers 1080P resolution, comes with a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a brightness of 7000cd.

The company has yet to set a price, however the next model down, the 71inch plasma screen will set you back over $70,000 (£40,000).

But being CES, you only need to turn the corner to find the next big thing on show.

In this case, it was Panasonic, who are also boasting the worlds largest Plasma, the size a mere inch bigger at 103inches.

The winner, we aren't exactly sure. Both are big, both are likely to force you to have to re-mortgage your house and both are unlikely to fit in your living room anyway.

But as a spokesman at LG said: “If there is a public demand for these sizes we will continue to make them".