Panasonic has launched two new HD ready LCD models - the 32 inch TX-32LXD52 and the 26 inch TX-26LXD52 in time for Christmas.

The two models both feature a HD panel with approximately 1,049,068 (1386 x 768) pixels. The models also offer 20W (10W x 2) audio output, as well as two woofers at 6W (3W x 2) for the TX-23LXD52.

TX-32LXD52 and TX-26LXD52 both feature Advanced LCD AI technology, which combines the Active Light Control and Active Contrast/Gamma Control systems to improve picture brightness, deepen blacks, and increase gradation. It boosts dynamic range (from black to white peak) by 2.8 times compared to previous models.

The LXD52 series also incorporates a DVB tuner, which enables the reception of digital terrestrial television signals without the use of a set-top-box, therefore reducing the amount of cables in the home. Freeview gives you a wealth of choice with extra digital channels and without any extra charges.

The TX-32LXD52, TX-26LXD52 are available now.