Panasonic is offering the ultimate convergence device in the shape of a 4-in-1 DVD recorder, Hard Disk Drive, VHS VCR and SD slot player called the DMR-EH80V.

The 200Gb hard disk drive is the main stay of the machine however the unit also offers VHS playback, SD Card support for viewing images and a DVD recorder for backing up your media content.

The DMR supports DVD-RAM, DVD-R, +R und DVD-RW- discs and play back DVD-RAM, DVD-R, +R, DVD-RW, +RW, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SVCD, Video CD, SVCD, JPEG (DVD-RAM, CD und SD), Audio CD (CD-DA) und CD-R/RW.

The DMR-EH80V offers all of the exclusive DVD-RAM format features, such as simultaneous recording and playback, random access, Chasing Playback, on-disc editing and multi-format data compatibility, which makes it possible to record TV programs, moving pictures, and still pictures onto the same disc.

Built into the DMR-EH80V is a 200-GB5 hard disk drive that holds up to 355 hours of recordings. The Electronic Program Guide “GUIDE Plus+TM System” brings a PVR level of ease to recording TV programs, only without subscription fees or telephone line hook-up. And the DMR-EH80V also includes the user-friendly "Smart Wheel-Remote Control", which gives you control over 200x quick searches and fast-forward smooth searching, so you can find recorded programs and start playback more quickly than ever.

The DMR-EH80V features a built-in DV terminal that makes it possible to dub DV-quality images from a digital video camera onto the DMR-EH80V's hard disk drive or a DVD disc. And a built-in SD card slot and SD viewer for JPEG images. Users can enjoy quick, easy networking and file sharing between the DMR-EH80V and many personal computers, digital still and video cameras, Panasonic's VIERA line of plasma displays, and other SD-enabled A/V devices.