Just as the news that Dixons is to stop selling VHS players in the UK, Panasonic has announced that it is happy to push a DVD player and Video Recorder combi that it released earlier in the year for those making the transition.

The NV-VP31EBS offers you the ability to record up to12 hours on a 4-hour tape, Video Plus compatiblity and a Timer for manual recording. The player also offers Quick Erase which automatically refreshes the tape by erasing ‘noise', VISS and recording signals. Rewinding (ah the memories) takes 43 seconds for a 180 minute tape and you can even play US tapes as long as your television is compatible.

The DVD player side supports all the usual DVD formats as well as CD-R/RW discs as well with WMA files on it for music playback.

The player is available now and costs £180