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(Pocket-lint) - In today's streaming-centric world, a TV is partly defined by what apps are available directly on the set. Until now Panasonic's 4K tellies had lacked Disney+ – but that's set to change. 

The app will appear on Panasonic 4K sets that launched from 2017 onwards, meaning you needn't have a brand new 2021 telly to dig into Disney's super streaming app. 

Which Panasonic TVs have Disney+?

  • 4K Panasonic TVs with my Home Screen OS
  • Model number prefixes: EZ, EX, FZ, FX, GZ, GX, HZ, HX, JZ, JX
  • Applicable regions: UK, European Union countries, Norway, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Latin America

Panasonic says Disney+ will appear on its My Home Screen operating system: "On compatible TVs, the Disney+ app icon will become visible in the Application view, allowing viewers to enjoy Disney+ content with the "true to the creators' intent"," reads a line issued in a press release.  


Disney+ has become an essential streaming app for many households – those with kids, in particular, will know – as the home of shows from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Nat Geo, the likes of which you can't watch anywhere else.

It's all good news for Panasonic TV owners then – and with super OLED tellies, such as the JZ2000, already available, it'll help the company's 4K offering to be even more competitive in the market.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 17 September 2021.