(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic has detailed its 2018 4K HDR LED TVs, joining the flagship OLED models it announced earlier in the year.

There are four new series that will carry an LED panel: FX750, FX740, FX700 and FX600. 

The FX600 is the entry-level point for 4K HDR from Panasonic, while the FX700 makes a bigger step up with premium materials so that it has a nicer looking design than the FX600. 

But there's also the addition of dimming control for better local dimming on the FX700 to improve the picture quality over the FX600. 

Moving up to the FX740 and FX750 the design shifts again, using Panasonic's "Art & Interior" approach that sees this LED looking a bit more like an OLED TV with a thinner glass screen.


It's that design that really makes the difference between the FX700 and the FX740, while the top of the range FX750 model also has the HCX chip you'll find in Panasonic's OLED TVs for better picture processing, as well as offering a 100Hz panel, while the others are 50Hz.

That gives the FX750 a boost over the other LED models in the range, alongside its striking design. It's also available at 75 inches, while the others top-out at 65 inches. 

All these models support a range of HDR technologies - including HDR10+ and HLG - as well as boosting the brightness by 20 per cent, so they are better placed to deliver that HDR punch than the models they replace.

Prices and availability are to be confirmed, but we'll update when we have all the details. 

Writing by Chris Hall.