Panasonic has announced a new reference grade Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the DP-UB9000 which has a substantial aluminium chassis and a range of other technologies to ensure supreme audio and visual performance. 

The new player is not only substantially build to reduce vibration and distortion, but it's packed full of technologies to get the most out of the latest generation of Blu-ray discs. 

The HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) processor leverages Panasonic's connections with Hollywood movie makers to ensure that visual processing delivers rich and full picture quality.

HDR gets special attention, supporting not only the standard HDR10, but expanding this to the dynamic standards of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Not matter what your source content is, the UB9000 will aim to offer you the best HDR experience from it. 

THX certification is in the pipeline for this new player, which also promises premium sound quality having been built for audio enthusiasts.

Along with the dual HDMI outputs, there are also analogue 7.1 connections for your sound system and a high-quality DAC, while also supporting Hi-Res audio formats.

Not forgetting the convenience of streaming, the players will also support 4K streaming services, as well as offering future compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, meaning you'll get voice control for your player too.

The UB9000 leads the new line-up of three UHD Blu-ray players for 2018, joining the UB820 which was announced earlier in the year, with the UB320 sitting in an entry-level position. 

Prices and availability is still to be confirmed on all the models.