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(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic has confirmed its full line-up of 4K HDR TVs for 2017, making quite a shuffle to the line-up compared to 2016. There's a shift in technologies and a change to the numbering scheme, but fear not, because we've got you covered. 

The 2017 Panasonic TV selection contains a range of models that should suit all types of customer, from those looking for a top OLED TV, down to those looking a potent 40-inch TV set.

Hold on tight as we give you a full run down on the differences between all of Panasonic's 2017 4K TVs.

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Panasonic EZ1002 OLED

  • Screen sizes: 65in, 77in
  • OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Price: £TBC - expect expensive

The Panasonic EZ1002 is Panasonic's flagship TV for 2017, seeing a return to using OLED technology. Presenting glorious 4K HDR, the EZ1002 (or EZ1000 outside the UK) is most distinctive because of the Technics-tuned soundbar that's attached to the base. This delivers 80W of audio to accompany your super-sharp visuals.

Looking to clean up the performance of OLED, the EZ1002 offers the inherent advantages of this display technology, namely deep, deep, blacks and real punch to colours, but also processes to remove noise and improve the presentation of tones just above complete black. There's an Absolute Black Filter that works to ensure that colour tones are accurately presented, with Panasonic saying this is the Master OLED, its best performer. 

Equipped with a full range of connectivity, this smart TV delivers the online movie services for more 4K HDR content, supporting HDR 10 and ready to accept HLG signals. There is no support for Dolby Vision, however.

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Panasonic EZ952 OLED

  • Screen sizes: 55in, 65in
  • OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Price: £TBC

The Panasonic EZ952 (EZ950 outside the UK), is Panasonic's alternative flagship OLED TV, taking a small step down from the EZ1002. It uses the same panel technology but is available in a smaller 55-inch size. On the technical front, the only major change is that it doesn't contain the Absolute Black Filter of the EZ1002, so might not be quite so skilled with visuals, but only minorly so.

The other major change is in terms of design. This model doesn't include the 80W Technics-tuned soundbar sitting under the display, instead offering a more conventional central stand. If you're going to be hooking up to an existing sound system, the EZ952 may make more sense than the EZ1002 flagship. Again, there's no Dolby Vision support.

The connectivity remains the same as the EZ1002 and the design - apart from that soundbar - is close too, with a thin body taking advantage of the slimness that OLED allows. This is likely to be Panasonic's preferred model offering greater flexibility for those integrating it into an existing system.

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Panasonic EX750

  • Screen sizes: 50in, 58in, 65in, 75in
  • Edge lit LED, 3850 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Price: £TBC

Stepping out of OLED and into Panasonic's "normal" TVs, the top model is the EX750 (EX780 outside the UK). But unlike 2016, this top LED TV isn't direct lit (you'll have to hunt out the DX902 for that), instead using an edge lit illumination system that's more dynamically controlled for better overall results.

This gives local dimming that is digitally controlled with an LCD shutter system designed to ensure that you don't get dark scenes destroyed by bleed from the backlight. This is also the only TV in Panasonic's 2017 line-up that offers 3D.

Aside from the display, the design of the EX750 uses a swivel and lift system. This has a central four-footed stand that offers swivel, so you change the angle of the TV to suit the room (only on 50, 58 and 65in sizes). There's also the "lift" aspect, which allows you to lengthen the pole in the stand, so on the 50 and 58-inch models, you can have up to four heights, for a unique look, like standing on a pole in your kitchen.

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Panasonic EX700

  • Screen sizes: 40in, 50in, 58in, 65in
  • Edge lit LED, 3850 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Price: £TBC

Taking a step down from the EX750 is the 700. This offers much the same technology as the EX750, although there isn't the same degree of control on dimming and the panel is less capable overall, with less contrast and a slightly lesser drive system. This model, however, still offers a local dimming system designed to keep fidelity in high contrast scenes. 

It also loses that innovative stand of the EX750, but still has a few options. Offering a choice of two positions, you can have the feet at the edge or toward the centre, as well as being reversible: the feet have a long curve on one end, so you can choose to have that on display or not, depending on your preferences. 

Finished with a thin brushed metal bezel, it's a good looking television.

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Panasonic EX600 

  • Screen sizes: 40in, 49in, 55in, 65in
  • Edge-lit LED, 3850 x 2160 pixels, HDR
  • Price: £TBC

Panasonic's entry point for 4K HDR is the EX600. This TV is a step down from the EX700 technically, and switches from local dimming to an active backlight control system that's unlikely to be able to match the performance of the other sets in this family of TVs - it's the same system used on Panasonic's Full HD TVs, for example. 

However, you still get the benefits of an Ultra HD TV with HDR and in a design that has a good premium look to it, with a nice slim bezel and a stand that offers reversible feet and two positions, again so you can suit the position you want to put it in.

One of the interesting details about the shape of these feet is that they have been designed to allow you to slip one of the new Panasonic soundbars between for a nice tidy finish.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 17 February 2017.