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(Pocket-lint) - There's a lot of chatter in HDR land about a new format called hybrid log gamma, or HLG to its friends. 

Hybrid log gamma is a new system for high dynamic range that's been co-developed by the BBC and it could be a future solution for broadcast HDR. While the regular HDR10 and Dolby Vision work when you're streaming a big budget movie or the latest blockbuster series from Netflix, but HLG is designed to be backward compatible, not require a complete change in workflow and be easy for studios to adopt.

Additionally, HLG doesn't require any specific hardware - as Dolby Vision does - meaning its a format that's fairly easy to add to existing TVs.

So 2017 is rapidly turning to the year of HLG announcements, with Panasonic confirming that it will be adding support for the format to its top-tier 2016 TVs (e.g., DX750, DX802, DX902). This might not happen in all territories and there's no confirmed timeframe, but it is happening.

That is in addition to the new 2017 TVs that will support HLG, meaning you're well placed should the format be adopted by broadcasters.

The BBC has already run some HLG trials and LG was vocal of its support when it announced its new OLED televisions at CES 2017; Sony has subsequently also confirmed that it is going to be updating its 2016 TVs, as well as including support in new 2017 sets.

All we really need is some actual content and Panasonic has a solution there too, as the new Lumix GH5 is the first camera that will capture content in HLG format.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 February 2017.