Panasonic has just announced a partnership with Freesat that means its new Viera smart televisions will come with Freesat Freetime built-in.

The Freesat Freetime offering will work for users connected via a dish or through an aerial cable. It will offer a Roll Back TV guide, all major on demand players like iPlayer and ITV Player, and can even make programme recommendations through Showcase.

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Freetime is a popular service with Freetime boxes accounting for 40 per cent of all set-top boxes now, since it launched in 2012.

Craig Cunningham, Panasonic’s TV product manager, said: "We’ve had a long standing relationship with Freesat and I’m really excited that we are the first manufacturer to have the Freetime service on our TVs. Research tells us that when it comes to smart TVs consumers want three things: the best content available, ease of use and flexibility. The Freetime service delivers on all of these aspects and more and when combined with our heritage in picture quality it’s a great combination."

Freesat currently has a viewer base of over 1.8 million.