Panasonic and Mozilla have joined forces to create future Smart TVs powered by Firefox OS. Other manufacturers have announced allegiances with different operating systems, such as Philips/TP Vision's Android set and LG's webOS TV, but Panasonic has opted for the HTML5-based open source operating system to run its interactive television platform in future.

The companies will work together on the new system and it is hoped development will be aided by HTML5 and web technologies are already being prevalent on PCs, smartphones and tablets. Third-party app developers could therefore be swayed to support the Panasonic sets because they would be able to convert their existing web applications simply and quickly.

By partnering with Panasonic Mozilla also hopes to gain impetuous for its Firefox OS, which is currently available on only a few budget smartphone handsets and has therefore failed to set the world alight so far.

The software firm also announced during CES 014 that an expansion of ZTE's Firefox OS line will take place in 2014. New higher-end phones will be making appearance later in the year.