Netflix is nothing new to IPTV and Smart home cinema accessories; what is, however, is a dedicated button for it on the remote control. Shown off by Panasonic at this year's CES we figured it worth a mention, given it is Netflix a go go over in the UK and all. 

Of the six players released by Panasonic, four of which are Full HD 3D capable, the other two are 2D players. Built-in Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow and YouTube features in all the players. The Netflix buttoned remote ships with the BDT320 unit, easily the most exciting of the bunch. 

panasonic blu ray player to launch with netflix built in image 2

With design reminiscent of Tron Legacy and what looks to us like a polished carbon or kevlar top, it is one of our fave pieces of home cinema kit announced at CES so far. The BDT320 sits in the 3D Blu-ray player camp and features all sorts of clever Panasonic tech like Viera connect, as well as the ability to playback lossless FLAC audio. 

The rest of the players are mighty similar, although the two 2D offerings, the DMP-BD87 and the DMP-BD77, are slightly different, lacking some of the high-end audio capabilities of the rest of the lineup. 

What do you think to the new Panasonic players? Let us know in the comments below... 

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