3D purists get ready to punch the air with delight, 3D early adopters get ready to punch the dog in frustration*...Panasonic, Samsung and Sony have teamed up with Xpand to create the "Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative" which will see a set of standards brought in so active shutter 3D specs can play nicely across manufacturers.

Bit too late if you've got your Sammy 2010 3D TV all up and running and your pals are all rocking Bravia sets. But never mind eh...

The initiative provides a shot in the arm for the 3D method that experts claim is the purest form of the extra dimension, and one that has come under threat as of late from the ubiquitous and cheaper passive method.

The move will see the companies working on a universal set of radio frequencies as well as using multiple types of infra-red system protocols.

"We are delighted to contribute our efforts and technologies to the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative for both RF and IR technology that we announced today with Panasonic, Samsung and Sony," said Maria Costeira, Xpand 3D's CEO.

"This initiative reinforces the consumer electronics industry's commitment to highest 3D quality and provides technology consumers and theater-goers with a simple but powerful solution to the challenge of interoperability."

The aim is to get the programme up and running in September, with compliant TVs hitting the shops next year. Glasses should be compatible with this year's models as well.

*Never punch a dog. It's not nice and he might bite your face.