It's Panasonic's turn to wheel out its latest TV sets over in Vegas, with the Japanese company unveiling an absolute plethora of models, with 3D firmly (and unsurprisingly) in mind.

Top of the bill is the Panasonic Viera VT30 plasma range which encompasses the 65-inch TC-P65VT30 and the 55-inch TC-P55VT30.

These Full HD 3D monsters feature a one sheet glass design that looks pretty swish and of course have on board the newly named Viera Connect (previously Viera Cast) service.

The are THX certified and have 24p playback; 600Hz subfield (produces 1080 lines of moving picture resolution), four HDMI connections, a DLNA connector, fast switching phosphors, a RS232C/ISF connection and an Infinite Black Pro 2 panel.

If you're budget won't stretch to the top end VT30s (prices TBC, but think big) then maybe you could go for a mid-range GT30 series model.

There are four sets in this range; the 65-inch TC-P65GT30, the 60-inch TC-P60GT30, the 55-inch TC-P55GT30, and we'll leave you to work out the size of the TC-P50GT30.

You'll still have access to Viera Connect and they also boast the Infinite Black 2 Panel as well along with PC input, four HDMI connections, three USB ports; THX certification, fast switching phosphors and a 600Hz Sub-field Drive.

At the bottom of the range (but still impressive sounding) is the Viera ST30 series with six models ranging from 42-inches to 65-inches.

The series is still Full HD 3D with Viera Connect and still includes the Infinite Black 2 Panel as well as three HDMI connections, two USB ports, fast switching phosphors and a 600Hz Sub-field drive.

If you're a plasmaphobe and LED is more your bag then you may be more interested in the two Full HD 3D LED sets.

The TC-L37DT30 (37-inches) and the TC-L32DT30 (32-inches) both boast an IPS Alpha LED panel which gives you a wide viewing angle with "almost no picture degradation".

Viera Connect(ed) and Wi-Fi ready you'll be getting a 240Hz with Motion Picture Pro 5 display, "providing fast motion picture response necessary to produce crisp, cross-talk free 3D images and a lower power consumption".

The new Viera range is due out in the Spring, prices to be confirmed, and these Full 3D HD models will also be joined by five LCD-LED series ranging from 19-inches to 42-inches.

“Panasonic’s priority continues to be an absolute pledge to provide the consumer with the highest quality entertainment options,” said Henry Hauser, VP of Panasonic marketing

“We firmly believe that both LCD and Plasma are terrific display technologies and Panasonic is in a unique position to provide the definitive in-home entertainment experience, regardless of the consumer’s choice of TV technologies.”