Avatar has, at last, got a 3D Blu-ray release, courtesy of a tie-up with Panasonic.

If you want to get your hands on one now, simply buy a full HD 3D Viera TV bundle and you'll get James Cameron's Oscar winning Pocahontas tribute thrown in.

Laurent Abadie, CEO and chairman of Panasonic Europe said: "Through our exclusive bundling deal with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to offer Avatar on 3D Blu-ray disc - included with a selection of our 3D technology - we are bringing this iconic cinematographic experience to consumers across Europe, to enjoy the excitement and beauty of Pandora - in 3D - from the comfort of their own homes".

We expect Panasonic to have an exclusivity deal with Avatar for a few months, and then it should see a general release. Well, we hope that this is the case anyway - the UK's 3D Blu-ray business has been a slow burner for a while now, but is slowly showing signs of bursting into life.

A mass release of the biggest movie of all time would be a big boost.