Panasonic has gone 3D crazy over in Germany.

The Japanese electronics giant has announced a whole host of new 3D kit that it will be showing off at the massive Berlin-based expo.

First up there are three new 3D plasma TVs - the Viera 42VT20, the Viera 46VT20 and the TX-P42GT20. 

The Viera models use Panasonic's NeoPDP technology and the manufacturer is promising better image quality and lower power consumption than previous models.

There's also some pretty nifty new features on board including a 600Hz Sub-field Drive, 24p Smooth Film tech that "eliminates typical cinema judder by increasing the number of the original 24 frames", and 2D to 3D upscaling should you get bored of watching EastEnders in only two-dimensions.

You'll get two pairs of active shutter glasses with the VT20 models, and Panasonic will also be showing off three new models of eye-wear including the world's lightest pair at just 38g.

And from one extreme to the other, Panasonic will also be demoing its monster 152-inch full HD 3D plasma display which has a 4k x 2k definition.

Back to kit that you might actually be able to afford, Panasonic has announced two new 5.1 channel full HD 3D Blu-ray home cinema systems - the SC-BTT755 and SC-BTT350 - as well as a Blu-ray wall-mountable soundbar that also acts as a fully functional Blu-ray player (the BFT800).

Finally, Panasonic has also revealed that its partnership with Acetrax will be getting the 3D treatment in 2011.

Whoa. That's a whole lot of 3D action. Keep your eyes peeled to Pocket-lint over the coming days for more info on these devices as well as news on anything else Panasonic may have up its sleeve for the show.

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