Panasonic has released an update to its 2009 Freesat built-in TV models (V10/G15) that allows you to get iPlayer directly through your telly.

The update isn't via the signal satellite route that you'd normally use for Freesat updates - you'll have to go directly through your VieraCast platform.

Luckily, Join Freesat has published a handy step-by-step guide:

"To update, connect your television to your broadband router (network cable), then access by pressing the VieraCast function button on your remote which should prompt you to update the software; click ‘yes’ and the software will download via your internet connection".

Et voila, you'll be presented with version 2.303 of the software and you'll be able to access the iPlayer by pressing the red button on BBC1.

Lovely stuff.