Consumer electronics giant Panasonic has treated Japan with two new Full HD plasma TVs. However, these are not your common or garden tellies: not only are they 3D, they have a 3D Blu-ray deck built into the side, and a hard drive installed for recording hi-def broadcasting.

Hitting the streets over there on 27 August, the TVs in 42in and 46in flavours, feature Panny's full black PDP panels (a DNA cousin to Pioneer's amazing Kuro technology), a claimed contrast ration of 5,000,000:1, 3 x HDMI v1.4 ports, and DLNA certification.

They also come with Skype and other Internet services, the HDD is 500GB, and the 3D Blu-ray deck can also archive content onto recordable Blu-ray discs.

The 46in TH-P46RT2B will come in at 440,000 Yen (around £3310) and the 42in TH-P42RT2B will set back the Japanese consumer 390,000 Yen (roughly £2930) - which isn't too bad considering the amount of tech crammed inside each set.

There's no indication that similar sets may make it to European shores but, with the rise of Freeview HD and Freesat HD in the UK, we could see a use for them. Please consider it Panny? Pretty please?

In addition to tantalising us with new tellies, Panasonic Japan has redesigned its shuttered 3D specs over there. They now come in three sizes - small, medium and large - each in a distinguishable colour, and can be recharged via USB from the company's TVs or any other powered port.

These, at least, have a fighting chance to make it to the UK. Watch out for their model numbers: TY-EW3D2SW, TY-EW3D2MW, and TY-EW3D2LW.