There are some spectacular sights in this world; the palace gardens at the Taj Mahal; reunited families after a hostage ordeal; a full Moon when there's not a cloud in the sky; Kylie Minogue. But none of them are quite so awe-inspiring, for a tech geek, at least, as being towered over by a wall of plasma telly, blasting you with waves of flickering colours and unavoidable radiated heat.

Let's just say that Panasonic's 152in 4K 3DTV, shown at CES in January 2010, is a very popular attraction wheeled out for public consumption.

However, it is unlikely that the public will ever own one - well, not the average Joe, anyway, and certainly not any Pocket-linter here. While Panasonic is now accepting orders for, what was once, a prototype, it also wants $500,000 in return. That's half-a-million bucks. For a television.

Admittedly, the 4096 x 2160 resolution screen is incredible, from our viewing back in Jan, and its 3D-ness certainly benefits from your field of vision being well and truly filled. It could even heat a medium-sized room without the need of radiators. But, come on... 

Mind you, if you're the sort of person who doesn't mind dismantling supporting walls just to get the thing into your house - indeed, if you have a house big enough - then you're probably the sort of person who could splurge $500k with nary a wink.

After all, that's only roughly the price of a lower league footballer. Although, wouldn't that be more interesting to hang on a wall?