Having only previously been available in the US, the Panasonic VT20 3D plasma is to be sold in Japanese electronic outlets from this weekend.

However, unlike in the States and, shortly, UK, the manufacturer will be offering a 54-inch version of the 3DTV, as well as a 50-inch. Both of them come with a single pair of active shuttered-lens glasses as standard, which is expected to be the case when the TVs arrive in the UK too.

Pricing in Japan can often be radically different to UK, but the 54-iinch VT20 will cost 530,000 yen (approximately £3700) while the 50 incher will be 430,000 yen (approximately £3000). And, as Home Cinema Choice reveals, they will be available in all of the major and obvious stores, Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Denki and Bic Camera.

HCC has also revealed that the Japanese TV market is expected to go 3DTV crazy in June when Sky Perfect TV broadcasts selected World Cup matches live in 3D HD. Unfortunately, there are no plans to follow suit in the UK. Instead, it is likely that a 3D Blu-ray of highlights will be available after the event.