Google's plans to dominate the TV set-top box market have taken a step back today after comments from a Panasonic exec to Bloomberg suggested that installing the company's Android OS on a TV was too expensive.

"While Android is free, the technology would have required pricey computer chips from Google’s partner Intel Corp.", said Robert Perry, senior vice president of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co., its U.S. unit to the news agency.

Although the OS is open source and therefore free, it seems Panasonic isn't ready to spend the extra cash on the hardware to run the system.

Android would “require processing power that adds too much to the cost of the set”, Perry said in an interview after a presentation of the company’s 3-D technology in San Francisco.

The decision by Panasonic not to use Android follows a similar move by Samsung.

The news comes just weeks after Google and Intel announced that it was partnering with Intel and Sony to try and gain a foothold in the emerging market by fusing its Android platform with set-top boxes and televisions from Sony.

It'll mean that Google's platform of web apps will be accessible from your remote, along with a few of the other biggest internet platforms.