It won't say how many, but Panasonic has confirmed that it's sold out of its 3D TVs in the US just a week after putting them on sale in Best Buy stores across the country.

Bloomberg is reporting  that: "The shortage is prompting the world’s largest plasma TV maker to take back-orders from retailers, Hitoshi Otsuki, the senior managing director heading Osaka-based Panasonic’s overseas operations, said in an interview yesterday in Tokyo".

Panasonic became the first major TV maker to sell 3D sets in the US when its 50-inch plasma TV went on sale at outlets of Best Buy with a pair of glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player for $2,899.99 on 10 March.

Panasonic is the first manufacturer to get their product to market even though there is virtually no content available to watch.

Samsung has quickly followed with its set going on sale at the beginning of the week, while LG, and Sony are due to release 3D-ready sets in the coming months as the UK high street gets ready to be flooded with demo units for consumers to try.

Currently UK shoppers can't yet buy a 3D TV set in the UK.