Among the pile of televisions announced at Panasonic's convention in Munich is the inauspiciously-named TX-P65VT20E. That string of letters and numbers hides a monster 65-inch 3D-capable plasma television (seen previously at CES) which offers 600Hz image frequency and a massive five million to one contrast ratio.

It's also available in a 50-inch version, and both come in a slightly odd-looking "shimmering bronze" (brown) colour scheme. It's the top of Panasonic's current range, with the company throwing the kitchen sink at it in terms of connectivity and features. It's got just about everything that the company offers right about now.

That includes Vieralink - the web-enabled series of content widgets, the company's "infinite black pro" contrast technology, a couple of USB ports, support for Wi-Fi dongles, hard disk recording - if you plug one in - and all the DLNA support you could ever wish for. Oh, and 3D of course.

That 3D is provided by infra-red synced active shutter glasses. Panasonic reckons its reduced the crosstalk issue - where images stay on screen longer than you want - by cutting them out a little earlier, providing a blank display in between alternate frames. It's not visible to the naked eye, however - occurring far too fast for that.

The 50-inch model will be available from the end of April, and its 65-inch older brother will be showing up at some point after that - it's not clear exactly when. No pricing yet either - we'll update you on both of those aspects when we hear more.