Panasonic has released two new versions of its portable Blu-ray player, the B15, first seen at CES 2009 for those who want high-definition movies on the go on a small screen.

While Blu-ray can't really be appreciated under 40-inches that hasn't stopped the company offering those who've already gone "blu" the chance to watch their movie collection on the go.

The new models, the DMP-B500 and DMP-B100 will come in 10.1-inch and 8.9-inch variations and have Wi-Fi connectivity and a SD card slot for additional content like photos.

But it's not just the screen size that's been changed, the design has had an overhaul as well. The player now features a mono-arm design, the display angle of the B100 can be freely adjusted.

Both the DMP-B500 and DMP-B100 feature much of the same technology found in Panasonic's stand alone Blu-ray Disc players.

The B500 features an increased high resolution WSVGA screen size to 10.1 inches, an expanded VIERA CAST internet functionality with Wi-Fi wireless LAN connection, an SD memory card slot that can playback digital still JPEG images and high definition video (AVCHD), a USB port, Dolby Digital and DTS HD and VIERA Link.

The B100 features an 8.9-inch high resolution WSVGA screen, an SD memory card slot for playback of JPEG images, an adjustable position screen, Dolby Digital and DTS HD.

Both portable Blu-ray Disc players will be available in the spring.