Panasonic has continued its head first plunge into the world of 3D at CES this year with three significant announcements for the growth of the revitalised cinematic craze.

First, and most importantly, is the launch of the company's HD 3D plasma TV range which will hit the shelves some time this spring. There's no pricing available as yet but what users with doubtless a fair bit of wedge can look forward to is full 1080p HD resolution to each eye for true 3D in high definition.

panasonic announces full hd plasma 3dtvs for consumers image 2

The Panasonic VT25 series will come in either 50-inch, 54-inch and 65-inch sizes, offer 5,000,000:1 native contrast, four HDMI slots and come with a measly one set of free 3D glasses. Each panel has two USB ports, a WLAN adaptor, PC input, SD card slot and Viera Link and Viera Cast capabilities for DLNA and IPTV functions and all the widget TV access that comes with them.

On top of that lot, the TVs are also THX certified, have 600Hz resolution technology and will last around 30 years of use minimum. Essentially, it's just about everything you could wish for in a modern TV. Just to make the point, Panasonic is also showing off the world's largest 3D plasma TV at CES as well. It's a cool 152 inches.

For those lucky enough to get hold of one, Panasonic has also struck a deal with the DirecTV platform to provide two 24/7 3DTV channels sponsored for 1 year as of June. It'll deliver sports, movies and entertainment free, on-demand and on a pay-per-view basis from Fox, CBS, NBC and MTV amongst others.

panasonic announces full hd plasma 3dtvs for consumers image 3

Finally, for the incredibly rich enthusiast and professional film industry only, is the launch of the world's first integrated HD 3D film camera. Until now, all professional equipment has consisted of strapping two cameras together on a rig.

Now, for the first time, the Panasonic Twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder allows closer control of the recording with an automatic system that can switch between depth focus points in camera and record the two eye tracks onto the same SD/SDHC cards as separate files. All of that at under 3kg.

It'll be hitting Hollywood on a made to order basis from the autumn at around $21,000 a piece along with an HD 3D LCD monitor for the director to brood over.